Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University

Public Relations Campaigns

  • Capstone service-learning, writing-intensive course in public relations planning, development and presentation for/to local and regional nonprofit organizations. Emphases included solving problems; managing projects, timelines, groups, and budgets; executing multi-method research projects; evaluating creative media promotion; and developing strategic, integrated multimedia communication plans, messages and programs.
  • Clients included a federally-funded Promise Neighborhood in East Lubbock; Lubbock Animal Services; the Lubbock Lions Club (the world's largest Lions Club chapter); the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts; the College of Mass Communications Master’s Program; the BCFS Lubbock Transition Center; Cure Cancer Foundation; and Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of the South Plains
  • Eleven sections taught: Fall 2014, 23 students; Spring 2014, 23 students; Fall 2013, 18 students and 14 students; Fall 2012, 21 students; Spring 2012, 18 students; Fall 2011, 23 students; Spring 2011, 15 students and 23 students; Fall 2010, 12 students and 23 students, 1 teaching assistant

Public Relations for Nonprofits

  • Service-learning course focused on the application of public relations strategies and tactics to build awareness of and further the missions of nonprofit organizations, with emphases on media (traditional and digital), money (fundraising and donor relations), and muscle (volunteer recruitment and retention). New course developed by me and taught for the first time at the university.
  • Three sections taught: Spring 2015, 62 students, 1 teaching assistant; Spring 2013, 65 students, 1 teaching assistant; Fall 2011, 80 students, 1 teaching assistant

Integrated Communications Campaigns (Graduate)

  • Examination of the planning, management and evaluation of integrated communication campaigns, emphasizing convergence, theory, ethics and client management. Teams developed research-driven, multimedia campaigns to build awareness of and patronage to a national movie theater chain's (Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas) new location in Lubbock. 
  • One section taught: Spring 2014, 24 students

Applied Public Relations Theory and Concepts

  • Exploration of theory and best practices from public relations, persuasion, communication and media studies, emphasizing practical application for understanding and solving public relations problems, as well as developing strategy, messages and programs. New course developed by me and taught for the first time at the university.
  • One section taught: Spring 2015, 23 students

Advertising and the Consumer (Graduate)

  • Examination of the theory and practice of audience segmentation, message tailoring, and strategic media channel selection, as well as the survey and analysis of current behavioral science findings as related to advertising.
  • Two sections taught: Spring 2013, 35 students; Spring 2012, 21 students

Mass Communication Research Methods

  • Comprehensive overview of approaches to mass communication research, focused on planning, designing, conducting, analyzing, interpreting and applying research to understand and solve communication problems. Emphases included focus groups, surveys, media analysis, experiments, and data analytics, as well as interpretation and reporting of primary and secondary research.
  • Two sections taught: Fall 2014, 62 students, 1 teaching assistant; Fall 2012, 52 students

Principles of Public Relations

  • Introduction to the foundations, techniques, specialties and practice of public relations, with emphases on problem solving and critical thinking; relationship and project management; ethical decision-making; strategic program planning; and skills including writing, graphic design, and public speaking.
  • Two sections taught: Summer 2012, 20 students; Summer 2011, 17 students

Instructor, University of Missouri

Public Relations

  • Principles, practice, and theory of public relations for upper-level undergraduate majors and master’s students in strategic communication
  • Two sections taught: Spring 2010, 49 students; Fall 2009, 54 students

Quantitative Research Methods

  • Graduate-level introduction to quantitative research methods and applied statistics in communication
  • One section taught: Summer 2009, 9 students; One section co-taught: Spring 2009, 35 students

Strategic Campaigns

  • Capstone service-learning course for strategic communication majors; our section partnered student teams with local, health-oriented clients
  • One section co-taught: Spring 2009, 16 students, 3 teaching assistants

Graduate Mentor, University of Texas

  • Extracurricular program designed to foster undergraduates’ interest in academic research; Trained and led student researchers in a content analysis of YouTube's most watched and most recently uploaded videos; Findings presented by students and me at a regional research colloquium on digital communication
  • Supervised three undergraduate research assistants in Fall 2006

Directed Student Projects


  • Master’s Portfolio Chair, Gabriel Vasquez, Interdisciplinary study in Communication, Advertising, and Restaurant/Hotel Management, Completed November 2014
  • Master's Thesis Chair, Brandan Schrader, “The influence of subjective knowledge on responses to fear appeal messages,” Completed December 2013
  • Dissertation Committee Chair, Prisca Ngondo, “Reflection versus impulse: How does trait impulsivity influence relations between Theory of Planned Behavior variables?” Completed August 2013


Committee Member

  • Dissertation Committee Member, Andrea Phillips, “The impact of motivation–experience congruence on organization-volunteer relationship outcomes: A public relations perspective,” Defended August 2014
  • Qualifying Exam Committee Member, Andrea Phillips, Completed July 2013
  • Dissertation Committee Member, Sungwon Chung, “Motivated cognition in video games: The influence of emotional video game content on cognitive processing of billboard advertisements embedded in first-person shooter games,” Completed June 2012
  • Qualifying Exam Committee Member, Prisca Ngondo, Completed December 2011
  • Master's Thesis Committee Member, Wan-chu Chuang, “Continuous emotional response to the audio, visual, and audiovisual channels,” Completed December 2011


Independent Studies

  • Independent Graduate Study, Brandan Schrader, “Literature on fear appeals, persuasion and subjective knowledge,” August - December 2012
  • Independent Undergraduate Study, Alyse Straus, “Nonprofit public relations and new media: Analysis and development of selected cases,” June - July 2012

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